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Another View on Reading

Sometimes I get frustrated with my own teaching, thinking, and communication skills. Usually this is the result of not feeling like I have made myself clear to my students. Sometimes it is my fault; sometimes it is their fault; most times, though, it is shared responsibility. At times like this, I like to look outside of my normal academic sources and see what other folks are writing and posting on their sites. More than anything, I like to see how other people package their ideas so I can try out a new approach in my class.

Here, for example, is a different take on reading. While there is nothing new here, I will probably lift a few phrases and drop them into my oral presentation this week or next. Why? Because I want my students to succeed. And no, I will not be footnoting my class plans.

One Response to “Another View on Reading”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Hi! Glad you found the post useful! Feel free to “lift” whatever you need — I want your students to succeed, too, and if my post helps, great.

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