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April 6th, 2009 by admin

Bits is a multi-author weblog that offers teaching ideas for college English instructors. Barclay Barrios offers over 135 ready-made assignments for teaching with handbooks. Nick Carbone writes about teaching with technology. Traci Gardner, known as “tengrrl” on most networks, posts teaching ideas, shares cool new Web sites that you can use in your classroom, and suggests ways that you can connect with colleagues. Joelle Hann moderates the Teaching Poetry blog. Jack Solomon provides tips and assistance for teaching popular culture, in his aptly named blog: Teaching Popular Cultural Semiotics. Gregory Zobel, an adjunct at College of the Redwoods, offers adjunct-specific career and pedagogical advice culled from the WPA listserv. Visit Bits.

High School Bits is a multi-author weblog for high school English teachers. High School Bits was created by instructors, authors, and Bedford/St. Martin’s editors as an interactive space for teachers to talk about their craft and to share ideas. The blog features leading scholars and master teachers along with new and emerging voices. Visit High School Bits.